Natalie & John

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Natalie & John

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Natalie and John's first date was on a balmy Melbourne evening over a couple of delicious hot chocolates...and the rest they say is history...

Natalie & John

Natalie and John first met online, like many couples do these days. Their first date was over hot chocolate drinks on a 30 degree evening in the middle of Melbourne’s summer. 

The decision to have the wedding in New Zealand wasn’t an easy one. Being Kiwi born and bred Natalie wanted her most special of days to be at home with friends and family, but John is from country Australia, and his family had never travelled. 

They finally found the absolutely breathtaking Wanaka was a great fit - a special place for Natalie as she had spent many happy holidays there and for John it was a part of his first New Zealand experience.



Natalie and John chose the venue on a Christmas visit before they became engaged (John proposed on top of Sydney Harbour Bridge on their anniversary a couple of weeks later!). Although they had not previously visited The Olive Grove site, they took very experienced and respected advice and recommendation from Shirley of Wanaka Wedding Flowers...Natalie admits to peppering Shirley with questions while she worked on another wedding on that visit home.

When it came to the search for the magical dress Natalie knew what she was looking for and went with friends to try on a whole lot of styles before finding out that Fairytales Bridal Boutique in Melbourne were having a designer day for Stella York whose gowns Natalie had fallen in love with for their Lacey details. Natalie knew, as soon as she tried on 'the' dress that it was THE ONE!

Agony set in over 'the' dress while trying on others. During a well deserved break for lunch Natalie jumped at the opportunity to skype her mum. Natalie had to order that day or risk losing the opportunity as despite it being only May it was for consideration for the 2017 collection.


The theme and colour scheme came about in a couple of ways. Butterflies symbolise new beginnings among other things and this seemed fitting as John will chase them or spend hours looking at them when they come across them, often landing on his hat! As for colours Natalie absolutely had to have green bridesmaid dresses and John absolutely had to have a blue tie. Natalie and John were not sure how to tie this together and it wasn’t until they had an amazing experience with some peacocks in a Prague park while on holiday that they found the inspiration to make it happen.

Shirley from Wanaka Wedding Flowers was amazing in helping Natalie nail down her ideas. Natalie asked for white flowers with a classic bent with a fair amount of foliage. Shirley came up with the perfect mix of rustic elegance to match Natalies vision and the venues.

One of Natalie's favourite parts of the day was seeing John’s face as he realised the box she was asking him to open at the end of our ceremony was full of butterflies! 


Wanaka Wedding Florist Img 8169


Wanaka Wedding Flowers

Our most sincere of thanks goes to Natalie and John for letting us in to share their most beautiful of days. From us here at LookLoveWed we wish you all the happiness possible together and as many encounters with butterflies as you can make happen!

Shirley from Wanaka Wedding Flowers is a very valued partner to LookLoveWed. If you are considering a Wanaka based wedding be certain to touch base with Shirley to discuss your plans...we assure you of satisfaction! x

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