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DU Bridal

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Earlier this week we celebrated the arrival of DU Soirée to LookLoveWed and today we continue the celebrations by placing our New Zealand Wedding spotlight on another new arrival in DU Bridal... The DU Bridal gown was brought to life, when it was found, there was a need for bridal gowns to meet the needs of today’s women. DU Bridal gowns offer on trend designs and innovative concepts without losing the true essence of what a bridal gown should be – fit, quality and pure perfection. This beautiful spotlight on DU Bridal is the perfect fit for a Friday...

DU Bridal

About DU Bridal...

DU Bridals designer, Dillz, was raised in Dubai - the mecca of fashion in the Middle East. The region is recognised as having one of the highest consumptions of high end couture. Therefore as a child, Dillz was surrounded and inspired by women so immaculately presented. Dillz also inherited her maternal grandmother’s (a weaving school owner and principle of handmade laces) innate love for textiles along with a natural eye for design. Dillz comes with a strong business acumen with both a Bachelors in Business from Southern New Hampshire University, after which she flew to New Zealand to purse her B. Art & Design in Fashion at Auckland University of Technology.She then worked at leading New Zealand clothing manufacturers, retail brands, luxury interior design product and textile companies. She later went on to complete her MBA at Auckland University of Technology and decided to open up her own bridal studio in Auckland.

Du Bridals 2Du Bridals 1Du Bridals 3Du Bridals 4

Why DU Bridal...

DU Bridals is about defining a bride’s individual style, which is achieved using the finest materials with a fine attention to detail. DU Bridals ranges extend from custom made to ready to wear lines in wedding dresses, bridesmaid’s dresses and bridal accessories. Each of their designs cater to different body shapes, offer colour and offer versatility in how each of our wedding dresses can be styled to recreate different looks unique to one’s own style. DU Bridals allow brides to style, offer well-crafted dresses and provide the practicality a bride seeks without losing the elegance of a wedding dress, or stretching the bank balance. 

Du Bridals 6Du Bridals 7Du Bridals 8Du Bridals 10

Why the right dress is so important...

For DU Bridals a wedding dress is the single most valuable piece of clothing a girl will ever buy. The right wedding dress means many things to many people but the one singular component every bride who visits says, is that it needs to be special and unique to her because it sets the tone for the entire wedding. A right dress will feel like a well-worn glove, well-crafted, every design feature to bring meaning, to match the type of occasion and make the bride feel special. It’s when one achieves all these components, you create bridal bliss or in this case - have found the right dress.

What's hot & trending now...

Overskirts are a huge trend and extremely practical giving the ability to create different shapes, making wedding dresses a lot more fun as seen in DU Bridals very own Amada collection. There is a huge play on “sensuality” with plunging necklines and slits. The love of 3D floral appliqués can be still seen and much loved by many brides however there is a growing trend of bows, whether it is on sleeves, on belts or at the waist as beautifully crafted into DU Bridals Bellisa Collection. Colour is huge with shades of blush and pale blues seen on the catwalk bringing modern romanticism back which are seen in DU Bridals collections, along with shades of ivory and white.

 Pink BridesmaidDu Bridals Bd1Du Bridals Bd6Du Bridals Bd8

What stands the test of time...

A well fit dress stands the test of time hands down.  While using lush fabrics such as silks, organza, satins, beautiful laces makes a dress timeless. There are bridal trends that come and go but a true bridal gown will be inspirational, take for example Grace Kelly’s wedding gown which was an inspiration to the Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding gown to Prince William.

 Advice you can offer to brides & grooms...

DU Bridals best advice is to choose your wedding dress after you have selected the venue. The more time you have up your sleeve the better chance of making a sound choice. Then come in to a bridal studio, try a few dresses and talk to a bridal consultant who will offer a wealth of knowledge such as DU Bridals trained and experienced consultants. Never underestimate your unique individual style, embrace it, wear it on your sleeve with pride, that is what will make you an unforgettable bride and at DU Bridals we celebrate that proudly with every bride that walks through our doors.

 At LookLoveWed we are truly delighted to have DU Bridals walk through our doors and partner with us. You can view more of DU Bridals here and be certain to make contact with Dillz and her team about the perfect wedding and bridesmaid dresses for your wedding day xx


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