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DU Soirée

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Exciting, fresh and brand new to LookLoveWed is DU Soirée... an event styling house of experienced stylists and planners, offering styled planned events that are chic, stylish and innovative – designed to create memorable moments. This spotlight feature on DU Soirée is not only uplifting and full of inspiration but also something to really consider for your big day...

DU Soirée

About DU Soirée...

Dillz is the head event stylist at DU Soirée. Dillz has always had a passion for making blank spaces into a great space for entertaining by intermingling fine art concepts with functionality. With a B. Art & Design her passion for design extends beyond fashion and heads to interiors as well. Having planned many a friend’s and family member’s wedding, she found her calling. Dillz sound management experience makes her have the skills in ensuring to make every creative concept stays within budget and not to lose the final outlook of what is to be achieved to make it the most memorable wedding for everyone that attends. Along with a team of creative and experienced individuals, together DU Soirée create something unique to the couple’s style.

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Why DU Soirée...

At DU Soirée, they go beyond a collage of internet images. They add body, colour and depth through their extensive research, their suppliers, DIY skills and fine art knowledge to create something unique to match your needs for your wedding. They work in understanding a couple’s needs and incorporate their signature look, with DU Soirée elevating it to be a look they could only have dreamed of, making sure that every place they turned to, there is something decadent for them to treasure. What’s unique about DU Soirée, is that they have their own in house services such as florals and stationery, helping couples to save on costs. DU Soirée have some amazing added services such as destination weddings, installations to create awareness and enjoy styling food just to name a few. There isn’t a single aspect they wouldn’t love to style/plan and offer custom designed packages to suit each couple’s needs.

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Why hire an Event Stylist/Planner...

When a couple chooses to have an event stylist it helps them really enjoy the journey of designing and planning their wedding. It’s like having a friend who can listen to your wedding concerns. Having a stylist/ planner means the couple needs to deal with one person rather than a multitude of suppliers, as stylists DU Soirée negotiate better deals and can do all the research for you allowing you to enjoy the day. There is limited stress and dependency on family/ friends to setup on the day, actually allowing them to enjoy the day. The fact that DU Soirée are a creative team of individuals they can offer a variety of options from which you can select from. Their mission is to make your wedding journey to the actual wedding day itself a memorable, stress less and creative experience. 

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What's hot and on trend now...

For wedding trends in 2017,  DU Soirée see a move away from boho to timeless chic. Couples are opting for non-traditional venues e.g. rooftops and are looking for the key factor of “stunning views”. You will also start to see vintage done with a twist, where you have industrial spaces mixed with ornate pieces. Soft hues in pink such as blush remains the in colour because of its timeless appeal and mixed with metallics such as copper and rose gold will give that added splash of glamour. Neutral hues such as charcoal and blue greys are in this year to complement the soft pink hue to give a romantic sophistication. 

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Your advice to Brides & Grooms...

Come and visit an event stylist/planner ideally eight months prior to the wedding and see what they can offer, so you can get the maximum out of their services. See what additional design services they can incorporate to make your wedding unique to your needs. Many a time the wedding is about the bride but we always recommend the groom takes part in the wedding development process, so certain things that the groom loves too are incorporated into the event - so it is a true celebration of the couple. Remember to take all your ideas and concepts to see what they can offer and be clear on what goals you want the event stylist to achieve. It is important that stylist/ planners and yourselves are on the same page.

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At LookLoveWed we are tickled pink to be partnered with such a gorgeous brand as DU Soirée. We invite you to view more on their profile page here and be sure to do yourself a huge favour by contacting DU Soirée to discuss your wedding plans xx


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