Celine & Sam

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Celine & Sam

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Céline and Sam are one of the great and growing number of online tinder stories! They met in Amsterdam, and after a few dates realised they had a very intense and amazing connection. They both realise how very lucky they were to have found each other as they grew up on opposite sides of the world - Céline in the Netherlands and Sam in New Zealand. This gorgeous couple lived together in Amsterdam for six months before moving to Wellington. Céline made a big leap as she had never been to New Zealand before. There is more to this beautiful love story...

Celine & Sam
The proposal... 
For Sam's birthday they visited a Dutch island called Vlieland. Very early the morning after Sam's birthday they went for a walk along the beach. It was a perfect day, no wind, the sun was out and they were all alone on the beach. After some banter, Sam stopped and stared at Céline for a while, realising this was a perfect setting and moment to propose. There were some old wooden piles running out to sea which they stood in the middle of. Sam didn't have a ring so instead he picked up a mussel shell from the ground, and presented it to Céline on one knee, and proposed to her.

Sam Celine 0104

Sam Celine 0188Sam Celine 0216Sam Celine 0221Sam Celine 0225

The wedding venue... 
Céline and Sam were married on a beautiful beach north of Gisborne - Anaura Bay. Sam and his family, along with five other families, have been spending their summers there for 14 years. Those chose this spot as it was already special to Sam. After getting engaged on a beach in the Netherlands they thought getting married on a beach in New Zealand would be fitting. Anaura Bay was the perfect setting for a beach wedding, it is a very beautiful and special place.
Wedding day themes...
Céline and Sam wanted their wedding to be casual, beachy and meaningful. Sam and his two brothers built an archway on the beach out of drift wood. The bride and her bridesmaids, the groom and his best men all had bare feet for the wedding. Since they were married in such a beautiful place they did not want to have formal flowers or decorations taking away the natural beauty of the surrounding. They really wanted to respect, and appreciate, the environment surrounding them.

Sam Celine 0273 2Sam Celine 0290Sam Celine 0309 2Sam Celine 0369 2


Sam's highlight was seeing his beautiful bride walking down the steps from the house to the beach in her wedding dress for the first time. Sam's youngest brother, Billy, played guitar and sang throughout the ceremony which was really magic and a wonderful touch. The speeches were another highlight. There were some funny stories, as it goes with wedding speeches. But most were incredibly moving and packed full of emotion. None more so than Céline's brother, Cédric, who's speech really touched everyone. There was hardly a dry eye in the house. Cédric had surprised his sister by turning up 3 days before the wedding all the way from Holland to represent their family and give Céline away.
During the day they realised how perfect everything was, from the weather, the setting, the people present during the day, everything.
The Wedding Dress...
Since Céline's mother could not be present during the day, Céline wanted to share the moment of finding a dress with her. This was done in the Netherlands months before the ceremony. The dress was from the Honeymoon Shop in Rotterdam. The dress was very flowy and light.

Sam Celine 0394Sam Celine 0431Sam Celine 0451Sam Celine 0506Sam Celine 0575Sam Celine 0585


The photographer responsible for capturing these truly gorgeous images is Phil Yeo from Phil Yeo Photography. Phil came recommended through Sam's fathers business associate. They met with Phil six weeks before the wedding and instantly knew he was their guy. Phil was very friendly and as their conversations progressed Céline and Sam felt that he was just as excited about their wedding as they were!

Phil came to visit Céline and Sam a few days before the wedding at their campsite. He wandered around and met all the families, having a chat to everyone before they scouted some shot locations. Céline and Sam got on really well with Phil, as did their guests. When it came to shooting Phil was really fun and casual which is evident through the photos he produced. You can see that in the photos he produced. It is evident that Phil was the perfect choice for this very beautiful wedding day.

Sam Celine 0868Sam Celine 0905Sam Celine 0909Sam Celine 0912Sam Celine 0947Sam Celine 0995Sam Celine 0999Sam Celine 1005Sam Celine 1181Sam Celine 1296Sam Celine 1545 2Sam Celine 1622 2

Here at LookLoveWed we are thrilled to have Phil from Phil Yeo Photography recently join our wonderful New Zealand wedding suppliers community. Be certain to view more of his outstanding work here.

Finally, to Céline and Sam, we wish to thank you for allowing us an opportunity to share your absolutely gorgeous wedding day. May the fun and laughter never end xx


Stunning photo's, family, & location! Best I've ever seen! Congratulations

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Wonderful pictures off a girl I used to know well when she was a little girl. Really captured the day and a privilige to see how beautiful it all was. Well done to the photographer. Congratulations.

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