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Mildred&Co is New Zealand's one-stop-shop wedding gift registry, which offers unique and beautiful gifts for the home and beyond. From cake mixers to barbeques, bed linen to artwork, the thousands of gifts on offer suit all budgets, with prices starting at just $5. Or, you can use our Wish List tool which allows you to add your own desired gifts from another store that you have your eye on or create a wishing well fund which your guests can contribute money towards. From a honeymoon in the tropics to a piece of art or a renovation fund – your imagination is the limit! It is easy and free to set-up your wedding gift registry and you can choose your desired items online from anywhere in the world. Having all your gifts listed on the one website, under the one roof, not only makes life easier for you, but for your guests too! In fact they won't even need to leave the house. The gifts are all bundled together, wrapped beautifully and sent to the couple in one delivery....a little bit like Christmas (or better)! Why choose a gift registry with Mildred&Co: * Bespoke registry – Choose from our vast selection of gifts, or add your own desired gifts, whether a tangible item or monetary contributions. * FREE to register – Setting up your registry is FREE and can be done online from the comfort of your own home. * Time-saver – Our online registry (accessible from anywhere in the world!) saves you and your guests both time and hassle. * No un-wanted gifts – Omit the risk of double-ups and ensure you receive exactly what you want and need. * Over 4000 gifts to choose from! – From practical and traditional to quirky and unique items, Mildred&Co has it all. * Wishing Well – Guests can gift you monetary contributions towards something tangible (like a new sofa) or an experience (like your honeymoon). * Suits all budgets – Gifts start from just $5, so guests can spend according to their budget. *Stylish gift-wrapping – Gifts are beautifully presented and safely packed for delivery anywhere in NZ. * Help on hand – Dedicated registry experts are available to answer any requests you or your guests may have. * Year-long 10% discount – For a year after your wedding, enjoy a 10% discount when you shop at Mildred&Co. Check out Mildred&Co today and start creating your dream gift-list!

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